My name is Yannick Brouwer, nice to meet you! I am a young, passionate and versatile designer born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I currently reside in Eindhoven where I enjoy my days in the bachelor of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

I would like to call myself an interactive product designer, I love what both industrial- and interaction design have to offer and want to combine both professions to create stunning products for people. What excites me in design is that I can have a positive impact on the life of people on very topical issues like health & well-being, communication and sustainability by exploring, research and creating.

On this website you can have a look at my portfolio. It contains projects done for educational purposes and a selection of freelance and fun projects. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at: or to view my resumé here.


Yannick Brouwer

Project Dare (2013)
Redefining the experience and infrastructure of public lighting

Ampel (2013)
Supporting the therapy of intellectual disabled offenders

LevelLight (2013)
A two-day interactive prototyping project

Flottr (2012)
A wristband that gives you a new perspective of time

Oger (2012)
Behind the scenes Video and Photography

WoodFelt (2012)
Some Wood, felt and LED's.

Solutie (2012)
A shortfilm about forgiveness and anger

Desk Chair Race (2012)
A small desk-app that stimulates physical activity in the office

AnalogDigital. (2011)
A promotional animation for a concept club night

Lucky Fonz III – Het Maakt Niet Uit (2011)
A stop-motion video for Dutch artist Lucky Fonz III